Fusion Optix Patents & Trademarks

USPTO Utility Patents (Issued/Allowed)

  • US5837346 Projection Screens Having Light Collimating and Light Diffusing Properties: Multifunctional diffusers and screens that combine diffusion and light redirecting properties
  • US5932342 Optical diffusers obtained by fluid phase mixing of incompatible materials 
  • US6369944 Diffuser-coated projection screen element and method of manufacture
  • US6346311 Projection screen material and methods of manufacture 
  • US7278775 Enhanced LCD Backlight: High performance LCD backlighting architectures based upon innovations in light guide design
  • US7431489 Enhanced Light Fixture: Novel high efficiency lighting fixture designs based upon unique optical components and architectures
  • US7453636 Imaging Material with Improved Contrast: High efficiency rear projection screens designed to provide high contrast even in sunlight
  • US7542635 Dual Illumination Anisotropic Light Emitting Device: Controlled distributions from both sides of edge lit panels, designed for signage or direct/indirect luminaires
  • US7722224 Illuminating device incorporating a high clarity scattering layer:
  • US7914192 Enhanced light diffusing sheet
  • US8033674 Optical components and light emitting devices comprising asymmetric scattering domains:
  • US8033706 Lightguide comprising a low refractive index region:
  • US8231256 Light fixture comprising a multi-functional non-imaging optical component:
  • US8249408 Method of manufacturing an optical composite:
  • US8408775 Light recycling directional control element and light emitting device using the same:
  • US8430548 Enhanced light fixture with volumetric light scattering:
  • US8619363 Light redirecting element comprising a forward diffracting region and a scattering region:
  • US8721152 Light emitting devices and applications thereof:
  • US8750671 Light bulb with omnidirectional output
  • US8761565 Arcuate light guide and light emitting device comprising the same:
  • US8794812 Light emitting devices and applications thereof:
  • US8876348 Light fixture comprising a multi-functional non-imaging optical component:
  • US8911099 Method of developing and manufacturing optical elements and assemblies:
  • US8953926 Spline optic and lighting device:

USPTO Design Patents (Issued/Allowed)

USPTO Trademarks (Issued/Allowed)

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