Market Focus

Fusion Optix’s aim to help solve the world’s energy problems and reduce global warming by eliminating energy wastage due to inefficient optical design, components and materials. We are also pioneering innovative architectures, materials and design approaches in advanced lighting markets using LEDs. Fusion Optix solutions provide new levels of performance and energy savings and as a result we count some of the world’s leading companies as our customers.

Artificial lighting consumes 8% of U.S. energy and 22% of U.S. electricity. We believe that a target of saving more than 10% of all electricity costs is both modest and achievable. This would result in annual energy savings of between $5 billion to $7 billion in U.S. alone, and more than double this figure if our solutions were adopted globally. Given that the largest consumer of fossil fuels is electricity generation, reducing energy consumption would also have a considerable and positive impact on the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming.


Fusion Optix low glare, high efficiency components help OEM designers create efficacious, long lasting fixtures for office lighting to help keep productivity and morale high.

Health Care

As Solid State Lighting makes headway into the healthcare sector, Fusion Optix is there to help our OEM customers use our products to create efficient, long lasting and comforting fixtures for all healthcare applications.


For achitectural lighting Fusion Optix provides custom high efficiency LED modules, low cost beam control secondary optics and wavelegth conversion optics for accurate colors.


Our optical components allow designers to easily upgrade any OEM fixture to higher efficacy and CRI for better looking merchandise and energy savings in retail applications.


Fusion Optix Components and Modules are ideal for use in OEM fixtures targeting Hospitality applications. We help our customers create attractive, efficiency fixtures for all types of Hospitality applications.

Bar and Nightclub

Fusion Optix has worked with many OEMs specializing in bar, night club, and entertainment lighting. Our components enable designers to create high performance fixtures with an infinite number of effects.


Our lighting engineers help OEMs develop industry leading lighting fixtures for outdoor lighting. Our fully customizable family of Array Optics and LED Modules help drive SSL to the next level in street and area lighting.


SpekLED™ Grow Series of LED light engines provide a “ready-made” high-performance solution for incorporating advances in scientific understanding of the potentially positive impacts of LED lights in the field of horticulture.