Lighting Solutions

The Solutions Group is a close-knit team of experts within the Fusion Optix sales and customer service team. It is comprised of experienced engineering, lighting, manufacturing, and marketing professionals. Working together, we provide full-spectrum applications engineering and product development support.

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Fusion Optix LED Lighting Solutions

Overview of Services

What will it take to make your product a reality? What kinds of materials and components should go into its construction? How could the product be made more efficient? These are just a few of the questions the Solutions Group is ready to answer.

  • Applications engineering design evaluation
  • Product development consulting
  • Lighting product testing
  • In-house 3D printing
  • Soft tool manufacturing
  • Electrical design and production of Gerber files
  • Quick-turn PCB Assemblies
  • Quick-turn Sheet Metal Housings
  • Mechanical design in SolidWorks

LED Lighting Fixture Design

Fusion Optix Concept™ series of LED fixture reference designs showcase the latest practical applications, and state-of-the-art designs made possible by our components and modules. Our concepts illustrate real-world examples of how our products can combine and complement one another to create beautiful, efficient, and effective fixtures. With all of our designs, we offer OEMs the opportunity to either create a solution of their own based off our existing concepts, or even to purchase the designs as is.

  • Designed for high optical system efficiency (>90%) and highest uniformity (>90%) utilizing MicroTEK™and ColorTune™ optics.
  • Based upon SpekLED™ LED Engines for easy system integration
  • Custom designs available with rapid prototyping
  • Thermal and optical solutions are designed to maximize system performance
  • Retrofit options available for easy integration into existing OEM fixtures
  • Power supply selection for dimming and intelligent lighting