BIOS SkyBlue® Boards

LED Boards with BIOS SkyBlue®

BIOS SkyBlue® technology is a unique approach to maximizing circadian stimulus in general lighting products. This is achieved by amplifying the ‘skyblue’ spectral power at 490nm. The result is that, unlike traditional LEDs, BIOS SkyBlue® is able to achieve high EML (equivalent melanopic lux) and melanopic/photopic ratios without high glare light levels or harsh high CCT.

Light affects our vision, body, and emotions. Human Centric Lighting enhances human performance, comfort, health, and well-being by balancing visual, emotional, and biological benefits of lighting for humans. It also improves alertness and concentration during learning by providing a better light environment. Lighting systems that give higher light intensities and color temperature at the right time can help to improve the duration of sleep and quality of sleep and thus improve learning effects.

  • Maximizes the concentration and energy.
  • Improves work performance and productivity.
  • Increases employee motivation and commitment.
  • Assures health safety in the indoor environment.
  • Improves circadian rhythm and quality of sleep.
  • Biorhythm adjustments for night shift workers.
  • Increases emotional stability and lowers the rate of depression.

The SpekLED® BIOS SkyBlue® product portfolio includes the Linear, Panel, Tape, and Flex LED modules.

Product Families

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Made-in-USA LED Module Assembly

Fusion Optix has invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment for in-house assembly of LED engines at it’s factory in Woburn MA. This includes 8 automated “pick-and-place” PCB assembly machines housed in a Class10,000 cleanroom. The equipment has been designed to work with the latest LED packages and can also be used for placing AC power and control electronics on board. Capable of PCB assembly up to 4ft lengths. In addition Fusion Optix has 2m integrating sphere and a range of quality control equipment to implement its proprietary SureBIN™ technology.