About Fusion Optix

Fusion Optix products contain patented innovations in the fields of advanced optics and LED technology. In addition to a broad platform of intellectual property; Fusion Optix actually manufactures precision optical components and LED light engines in it’s factory in Woburn MA. We supply “Made in USA” components to the highest quality enabling OEMs and lighting designers to create the perfect light for any space. Today we supply OEMs and customers around the world with world class lighting solutions. We are founder-owned and operated and are 100% committed to the betterment of lighting technology and innovation. All products are made in the USA in our 35,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and engineering facility headquartered in Woburn MA, just 20 minutes from Boston.

In-House Capabilities

Fusion Optix has invested heavily in a 55,000 sq.ft. manufacturing and engineering facility in Woburn MA, just a short 20 min drive from Boston’s international Logan Airport.

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Applications & Markets

We are pioneering innovative technology, materials and design approaches in advanced LED lighting markets. Our solutions provide new levels of performance and energy savings

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office lighting

Why Fusion Optix?

Our constant effort and commitment to improvement in each of our core offerings of LED light engines and optics have enabled us to become industry leaders in what we do.

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Fusion Optix SMT

Leadership Team

The Fusion Optix leadership team brings more than 30 years of combined expertise and knowledge to LED and optics. We pride ourselves on delivering world-class lighting solutions.

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Our Awards