Video Library

Triangle-shaped RGB Light Guide

MicroTEK™ printed light guides enable unique color changing LED lighting fixture.

Color changing LED linear

MicroTEK™ diffusion profiles enable excellent color renditions in LED lighting fixture.

Color changing LED linear

MicroTEK™ light guides and SpekLED™ RGB light engines combine in color changing panel.

Lighting How To: Batwing Profiles

A guide showing different ways to create a batwing profile in a lighting fixture.

Diffusion Sheets LED Hiding Power

Demonstration of the LED hiding power of our diffusion sheets.

PC8080 Diffuser Sheet Demo

Demonstration of PC8080 2000 Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheets for recessed troffers.

LED Module and Collimating Optic

Demonstration of Fusion Optix 3″x3″ LED Module and Collimating Optic for thin square LED downlight.

280 Series LED Light Engine

Demonstration of Fusion Optix 280 Series LED Modules for hanging pendants, troffers and edge lighting.

SMT Capabilities in Action

Demonstration of Fusion Optix SMT pick-and-place systems and production capabilities.

2010 Strategies in Light

A brief overview of some of the products and services we offer.

Color Changing LED Panel

A demonstration of the color-changing capabilities of our light guide technology.

Color Changing LED Sign

A look at how our color-changing light guides can be used for signage applications.