Fusion Optix® Technology

Inherent to the Fusion Optix strategy is a dedicated and focused ongoing activity to invent and commercializing advanced optical component and integrated LED module technologies. Our offerings in LED engines and optics are based upon dozens of patented innovations backed up with a deep set of trade secrets and strong know-how connected to LED lighting, advanced manufacturing technologies and material innovations. We strive to tackle to hard science behind our products and the difficult process development to bring these products to volume manufacturing. support OEMs and partners by bringing the cutting-edge LED Lighting technology, superior light control, and world-beating design options. These innovations are protected by a significant portfolio of trade secrets and a growing list of U.S. and international patents. List of our Patents.



Digital beam control for LED lighting products. SmartBeam™ technology enables LED lighting products to have electrically controllable optical functionality. SmartBeam™ can be used to diffuse, shape, reflect and manipulate light and colors in a broad range of LED lighting systems.

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Fusion Optix Flatlens Optic

Optical Technology

Fusion Optix FlatLENS™ product family of beam shaping profiles and materials is based upon a unique and patented platform of planar micro-optic technologies. FlatLENS™ technology enables the encoding of a range of typical refractive, diffractive and scattering functions into optics that are both thin and flat. This innovative approach provides OEMs developing LED fixtures a wide range of light management properties with easy to implement snap-in or slide-in features.

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LED Technology

SpekLED™ line of LED engines utilizes SureBIN™ technology to ensure you get the best possible light and color management; board-to-board, fixture-to-fixture. SureBIN™ combines color, flux and voltage binning technologies to ensure that light output is the same exact color; fixture-to-fixture, room-to-room, site-to-site.  The SureBIN™ Code (SBC) is used to verify that all SpekLED™ LED engines in a particular installation can be used together without any issues and to ensure that light is within acceptable boundaries of human color perception (typically between 2-Step and 3-Step MacAdam ellipse).

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Manufacturing Technology

Light control on a micron scale. MicroTEK™ products utilize a unique collection of micron scale (smaller than a human hair) optical elements to diffuse, shape, reflect and manipulate light and colors in a broad range of LED lighting systems.

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