Intellectual Property Overview

Fusion Optix is a company driven by innovation and cutting edge technology research that leads to value creation in LED lighting products. We have invested heavily in developing our capabilities, expertise, and know-how and as a result our overall intellectual property portfolio encompasses a broad cross-section of disciplines and areas of science and engineering.

We own a number of patents in the optical components, films, materials, and advanced lighting systems space and continue to file new applications. In addition, we have accumulated significant in-house process related know-how and trade secrets. Particularly important is the knowledge we have gained on how to meet the stringent quality levels our customers demand whilst maintaining acceptable yields and overall manufacturing costs.

Fusion Optix Expertise & Know-How

Product Design & Performance

  • Suspended and Recessed Lighting Fixtures
  • Linear and Wall Washing Lighting
  • LED Lamp and Bulbs
  • LED Downlights
  • LED Lighting Panels
  • LCD Backlighting Assemblies
  • Micro and Pico Projection Displays

LED Engines & Optics

  • LED Assemblies
  • Lenses
  • Diffusers
  • Light Guides
  • Lighting Components
  • Projection Screens
  • Optical Films for LCD Backlights
  • Thermal Management Films

Patent Portfolio

Fusion Optix has been granted many U.S. and international patents covering its BeamX™ platform of innovations and capabilities. Patents have been awarded in both product design, lighting systems and components. Fusion Opix also owns several trademarks..

List of Patents & Trademarks