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SpekLED® Modules

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Made-in-USA range of rigid LED boards for demanding lighting applications.

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SpekLED® Tape


Made-in-USA range of flexible LED tapes for demanding lighting applications.

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Fusion Optix sets the standard in optical components for use in LED lighting products.

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SpekLED® Extrusions

Tab light aluminium profiles

Wide range of off-the-shelf aluminum extrusions and channels for use in LED boards and tape.

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Innovative patented optical systems approach delivering controlled specification-grade lighting distributions and colors. Additional patent-pending innovations for electrical beam shaping for active in-field lighting control, including human-centric, circadian and bio-spectral technologies.

Solution Platforms

Integrated UL-listed LED lighting solutions, providing industry-leading high efficiency and beam performance.

SmartBeam® App

Innovative app for Android or Apple smartphones delivers a multi-functional luminance camera for lighting analysis


Patented optics, LED and driver technology offering tightly controlled lighting

The Fusion Optix technology edge begins with the LED; and how we select the highest quality LEDs with optimized CCT, CRI, and Vf binning. We also have a range of customized spectral outputs for daylight and human centric lighting.

Our SmartOptics® range of optical components covers all the major optical functions (collimation, beam spreading, reflection, diffusion, light guiding etc.) required by LED lighting product designers aiming to deliver specification-grade lighting distributions.

Based upon unique SmartBeam® technology; a key feature of the SmartBeam™ Family is that it delivers glare-free, comfortable illumination in a wide range of beam distributions while achieving high efficacy, energy-saving performance.

100% controlled lighting exactly to your specification

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