Fusion Optix is a USA manufacturer of LED lighting solutions, LED engines, profile extrusions and optics

Covid-19 | Coronavirus


Fusion Optix wants to help the fight. Our offerings include UV LED modules for sterilization and raw materials for PPE.

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LED Lighting Components

Fusion Optix LED Lighting Solutions

Fusion Optix sets the standard in LED engines, profile extrusions and optics for use in LED lighting products.

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LED Lighting Platforms

Open space office interior with brick and glass walls, a concrete floor and big windows. A row of computer desks, desktops with blank screens. Side view 3d rendering mock up

Fusion Optix Inside® platforms provide a fast, low cost route to enable new LED lighting products.

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Bright Minds® App


Fusion Optix brings useful & quick luminance analysis to the palm of your hand, via the Bright Minds® App.

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Why Choose Fusion Optix?

Time To Market

Design, rapid prototyping services and in-house manufacturing yield quick turn around times to get products to market sooner.

Cost Savings

Save money and reduce energy costs and get enhanced performance with our next generation LED lighting and optical components.


LED lighting helps the environment by cutting waste, reducing electricity consumption and reducing the carbon footprint.

Light Control

Superior light control for every aspect of fixture output: – diffusion, beam shape and direct light.Guaranteed improvement in efficacy, beam control, uniformity and consistency.


Our LED engines provide up to 80% improvement in efficiency as compared to incandescent sources. With our optic components savings increase further by 10%-30%.


Get the highest quality components, modules and services. Entire lifecycle quality control from Product Development to Production, to Post Production Support.