Glass & Silicone Optics

Glass & Silicone Optics

Designed for applications that require higher performance levels than conventional thermoplastics. Range of silicone and glass optics capable of withstanding higher temperatures or higher levels of UV and photon power density. Industry leading diffusion and light management for harsh environments, with long life and ColorSure™ reliability. Range of form factors and choices for enhanced Ingress Protection (IP).

Silicone and glass are incredibly robust materials to base any optical component. They do not age or yellow over time like thermoplastics such as polycarbonate (PC) and have a much higher operating threshold than acrylic (PMMA). Crazing due to heat or high levels of UV exposure are also not an issue, with a typical operating range for silicone between –115°C to 200°C, and even higher for glass. Both glass and silicone provide high transmission across a broad spectrum, with 95 percent transmission or better from 365 nm (UV) to 2000 nm (IR). Silicone also lends itself to molding and embossing and can hold fine microstructures that can be used to manage light through refraction, relection or diffusion.

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