LED Boards

The SpekLED® LED modules product portfolio includes the Linear, Panel, Tape, and Flex LED modules. Each type of LED module are designed, engineered, and manufactured to achieve the best performance and specifications with highest quality.  It provides OEM luminaire manufacturers and lighting designers with industry leading performance and the maximum level of flexibility. All SpekLED® LED modules are available in linear, square, and circular formats. They offer high efficiencies and a wide range of CCT and CRI options.

SpekLED® line of LED boards utilizes SureBIN® technology to ensure you get the best possible light and color management. SpekLED® LED boards are built on FR4 or MC (metal core) PCB with the best-in-class performance of 197 lumen per watt in efficacy for energy saving and DLC Premium qualifications. It  allows the lowest power consumption, the ease in thermal management, and long lifetime.  Various lengths from 5.5 inches to 44 inches at 20mm width can be easily designed-in for recessed, linear, troffer, panel, pendant, and suspended LED luminaires. The options of 90 CRI, high R9, and 2.5 SDCM color consistency are critical for the success of various lighting applications, such as retail, hospitality, and healthcare.  The linear module family also provides the cuttable version for simple supply chain management, tunable white for human centric lighting (HCL), and edge-lit modules for advanced light guide in thin panels.