BrightMinds® Luminance Camera App for iOS and Android Devices

The Fusion Optix Bright Minds® Luminance Camera app solves the problem of how to make quick and meaningful assessments of surface light levels.

This app turns your iOS or Android device into a professional luminance camera wherever you are. Luminance is a fundamental measure of the brightness of a given surface or the amount of light emitted or reflected off that surface. It also indicates how much luminous power can be perceived by the human eye. The Fusion Optix Bright Minds® Luminance Camera app augments the human visual system and increases the dynamic range and ability of the eye to perceive variations in luminance by representing images from the smartphone camera through a calibrated false color filter in real-time. This accentuates the differences in luminances in an easy to read manner.

The app is intended as a useful, quick and easy to use tool for lighting designers, architects and lighting engineers who are specifying, using, or planning to use, LED lighting fixtures. It is also designed to help the lighting product development process. For instance the app can be used to quickly measure beam distributions produced by LED lighting products offering considerable time and cost savings over other techniques.

Fusion Optix Smartphone App

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Fusion Optix Smartphone App

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Fusion Optix Luminance vs Illuminance: the sky is illuminance whereas the light reflected of the causeway in the foreground is luminance

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