Light Guides for LCD Backlighting

Fusion Optix PMMA light guides make LED edge-lighting a reality for a variety of LCD panel sizes and applications. Unique light extraction technology provides an efficient mechanism for extracting and smoothing out light, solving “hot-spotting” issues.

Fusion Optix light guides make it possible to reduce overall thickness and LED count, resulting in slimmer, more cost effective LED-based display systems.


Handhelds and mobile phones
Laptops and tablets
Digital signage
Point of purchase displays

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Fusion Optix MicroTEK light guides for LCD backlighting offer some of the highest levels of efficiency and uniformity. All of our light guides will increase luminance uniformity to some degree; use diffusion films to eliminate LED “hotspotting” and dark regions in LCD backlights without affecting distribution.

Light guides have been designed for most LCD panel makers, e.g. NEC, Samsung, LG Displays, AUO, CMO, Sharp. The following LCD panel sizes have existing light guide designs available:

7.0″, 8.4″, 10.4″, 12.1″, 15.0″, 20.1″, 21″, 24″, 26″, 32“

The following standard light guide thicknesses are available:

0.5mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm, 4.0mm, 6.0mm

PNLCD Diameter (in)Dimensions(in)Thickness(mm)Sides
FOC07-0003-000010.48.94 x 6.4641
FOC07-0015-00007.243.43 x 6.372.261
FOC07-0019-000010.47.01 x 8.685.41
FOC07-0019-000110.47.01 x 8.685.42
FOC07-0020-00003216.21 x 28.635.42
FOC07-0026-00001713.60 x 11.1541
FOC07-0032-00009.88.50 x 6.405.41
FOC07-0033-000020.117.70 x 12.305.62
FOC07-0035-0000158.38 x 13.184.51
FOC07-0037-00006.144.38 x 4.305.61
FOC07-0047-0000179.29 x 14.465.62
FOC07-0055-00008.46.98 x 5.4662
FOC07-0061-00002219.13 x 11.835.62
FOC07-0067-00002218.90 x 11.954.52
FOC07-0068-000010.48.70 x 6.9061
FOC07-0069-000010.48.70 x 6.3051
FOC07-0070-000021.8119.00 x 10.7062
FOC07-0071-000022.522.50 x 22.504.52
FOC07-0075-00002421.16 x 12.0032
FOC07-0080-00006.565.20 x 4.0021
FOC07-0084-00007.426.40 x 3.7531
FOC07-0093-000010.48.55 x 6.594.52
FOC07-0093-000110.48.55 x 6.594.51
FOC07-0094-000110.49.84x 7.574.52
FOC07-0094-000212.19.96 x 7.264.52
FOC07-0094-000312.19.69 x 7.264.51
FOC07-0176-000010.48.52 x 6.214.52
FOC07-0176-000110.48.52 x 6.2162
FOC07-0177-000015.112.27 x 9.054.52
FOC07-0177-000215.112.27 x 9.0562
FOC07-0188-000010.6326.44 x 8.7362
FOC07-0189-000015.3339.24 x 12.6362
FOC07-0249-000010.6668.49 x 6.4462