Diffusion Profiles

MicroTEK™ Diffuse – Enhanced Diffusion Profiles

MicroTEK™ Enhanced Profile Diffusers enable high-performance energy-efficient diffuse light in linear LED lighting applications. Particularly well suited to continuous run applications which demand no seams of several tens of meters.

Fusion Optix has invested heavily in a broad range of in-house manufacturing capabilities for the production of plastic (PMMA, PC, COC, SAN) optical components for use in linear LED lighting fixtures. We cover anything from linear profile, sheet and film extrusion through to optical coatings and laser engraving and cutting. Equipment is in-house at our Woburn MA facility and in most cases enclosed inside Class10,000 cleanrooms.

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Features & Benefits

  • High uniformity
  • Excellent LED hiding power
  • High optical efficiency (>90%)
  • Very low light loss and absorption (<5%)
  • Customized optical properties (angles, haze, clarity)
  • Continuous run or profiles with snap-in features
  • Choice of surface finishes
  • Choice of optical materials

Design Guide

ThicknessMaterialsFWHMT(%)H(%)C(%)LED HidingSpread Effect
1-2mmPMMA or PC100 x 100601001.5MaximumLambertian
1-2mmPMMA or PC90 x 90701001.8Very StrongVery Wide
1-2mmPMMA or PC80 x 80751002.0Very StrongVery Wide
1-2mmPMMA or PC70 x 70801003.0StrongWide
1-2mmPMMA or PC60 x 60841004.0StrongWide
1-2mmPMMA or PC50 x 50881006.0StrongWide
1-2mmPMMA or PC40 x 40941008.0MediumMedium
1-2mmPMMA or PC30 x 309510012MediumMedium
1-2mmPMMA or PC20 x 20959515LowNarrow
1-2mmPMMA or PC10 x 10957525LowNarrow
1-2mmPMMA or PC10 x 10955545LowNarrow
List of typical symmetric (circular) diffusion performance achievable in MicroTEK™ snap-in diffusers, continuous-run diffusers and diffusion film or sheet products.

Typical Profiles