ELED™ Tiles & Shapes

ELED™ line of LED tiles and shapes utilizes SureBIN™ technology to ensure you get the best possible light and color management; board-to-board, fixture-to-fixture.


SureBIN™ combines color, flux and voltage binning technologies to ensure that light output is the same exact color; fixture-to-fixture, room-to-room, site-to-site.

SureBIN™ begins at the individual LED level to ensure that light is within acceptable boundaries of human color perception (between 2-Step and 3-Step MacAdam ellipse).

SureBIN™ is based upon a core understanding of color mixing and the performance of LEDs based on fundamental thermal, environmental and electrical parameters. Proper binning of LEDs is critical to achieve color consistency between fixtures in a lighting installation.

SureBIN™ not only includes the color bin, but also the manufacturer, voltage bin, and flux bin. The Fusion Optix SureBIN™ Code (SBC) is used to verify that all SpekLED™ LED engines in a particular installation can be used together without any issues.


SmartBoard™ technology adds AC power, intelligence and processing power to our SpekLED™ LED boards. SmartBoard™ integrates LED layouts with microchip processors and AC:DC conversion and daylight, occupancy and vibration sensing. Integration offers potential for cost and energy savings as well as smaller form factors and higher levels of integration.