ColorTune™ Technology Platform

Control your colors as well as your light

ColorTune™ products utilize a unique collection of micron scale (smaller than a human hair) optical elements to diffuse, shape, reflect and manipulate light and colors in a broad range of LED lighting systems.


Phosphors & QDs

Comprehensive capability to tune color (CCT, CRI, R9) and spectral transmission properties in a range of film materials.

Fusion Optix ColorTune™ technology expands the reach of light management into color management and wavelength conversion. ColorTune™ films offer superior color control and precise wavelength conversion combined with high efficiency diffusion, reflection and transmission properties.ColorTune™ films are available in roll form or as die cut parts.

Phosphors and quantum dots (QDs), when added, provide new levels of color control and spectral customization. Suited to either UV/Blue or White LED pump sources.