Light Guides for LCD Backlighting

Fusion Optix was an early pioneer in edge-lit LCD backlighting technology. Our MicroTEK™ light guides are recognized as being some of the industry’s leading products for uniformity (>90%) and efficiency. In addition to light guides we supply a wide range of brightness enhancement films and diffusers. Our SpekLED™ range of LED engines includes LED rails. We specialize in supporting companies developing custom LCD panel based products.

Fusion Optix light guides make LED edge-lighting a reality for a variety of LCD panel sizes and applications. Unique light extraction technology provides an efficient mechanism for extracting and smoothing out light, solving “hot-spotting” issues. Fusion Optix light guides make it possible to reduce overall thickness and LED count, resulting in slimmer, more cost effective LED-based display systems. Optimized for single or double edge-lighting, the light guides are available based upon laser-etched technology or integrated technology with built-in diffusion. Both are designed to eliminate the need for a bottom diffusion film or sheet.

Standard Products

Light guides are designed for use in edge-lit systems typically found in display products. Light guides have been designed for most LCD panel makers, e.g. NEC, Samsung, LG Displays, AUO, CMO, Sharp. The following LCD panel sizes have existing light guide designs available:

7.0″, 8.4″, 10.4″, 12.1″, 15.0″, 20.1″, 21″, 24″, 26″, 32″


Features & Benefits

Maximum Uniformity


Optimized designs deliver >90% 9-point uniformity as standard. High level of uniformities also possible through system level engineering support.

Maximum Efficiency


Up to 90% optical efficiency with optimized light extraction technology in both 1-sided and 2-sided modes.

Brightness Enhancement


Full range of complimentary brightness enhancement films offered to further improve backlight performance and control of light output.

LED Rails & Control ICs


Full range of compatible LED rails with variety of driver options and smart electronics based upon software driven ICs.