Face Shield ONE (FS1)

Fusion Optix has been manufacturing materials and components for several large global industrial markets since 2003. We designed the Face Shield One (FS1) so that it could be produced quickly, at a low cost, and completely in-house using equipment such as polymer extrusion, die cutting and laser processing.

  • Simplest, lowest cost design
  • Polymer resin to face shield under one roof
  • Choice of materials APET, PC, PMMA, PETG
  • Choice of add-ons to extend function
  • Can be flat packed and shipped for lowest cost
  • Made in Woburn MA
  • Quick turn & scalable

Solidworks File


DXF File

Face Shield One (FS1) design is meant to be the simplest, lowest cost shield 

Other/3rd Party Crowdsourced Face Shield Designs

We are not the only ones to tackle this issue. We applaud and thank everyone who has invested time and creative energies on designing face shields that can be easily made by anyone. Fusion Optix is available to help scale up any of these designs, or any others. If you have a design or idea and need help, please look at our Manufacturing and Raw Materials page and contact us if you think we can help.

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