White Reflective Film (WRF)

Fusion Optix reflective films and components offer some of the highest diffuser and specular white reflectance levels. Designed to reflect efficiently and uniformly across the visible spectrum, our reflective materials boast greater than 97% overall reflectance. Our reflective materials promote highly efficient light control and extraction, resulting in greatly improved fixture performance. Long lasting and durable, our reflective film can be converted and supplied in a variety of form factors.

Features & Benefits

  • MicroTEK™ technology inside.
  • Developed specifically for LED lighting applications.
  • High efficiency, > 97% reflectance (SCI).
  • Controlled diffuse and specular reflection ratios.
  • Excellent color rendition (ColorSure™).
  • Material options available for thermoforming and flexible.
  • Material easy to die-cut or laser cut.
  • Can be supplied with pressure sensitive adhesive backing.
  • PET, PMMA or Aluminium.
  • Design support available.


ReflecTEK™ White Reflective Films (WRF) increase brightness and overall LED lighting system efficiency by recycling rejected light over the entire white light color spectrum, giving all photons a second chance to exit at a useful angle. Films can also be used to reduce glare and improve overall uniformity by carefully controlling the degree of specular and diffuse reflectance components.

All ReflecTEK™ Film products can be supplied in roll or cut sheet form and can also be supplied die cut, laser cut or CNC routed. Additional support available to help OEMs to establish in-house converting and secondary process steps. Additional material options for thermoforming or adhesive backings are also available.

Our industry leading performance is derived from our innovations in molecular and micron-scale volumetric and surface optics combined with high volume manufacturing capabilities. Custom material systems can be developed per OEM customer requirements as part of a range of product development services.