PC Diffusion Sheet

Fusion Optix diffusion sheet products provide the highest levels of efficiency with the greatest range of options in beam angles, haze, clarity and color performance. MicroTEK™ technology enables our sheet to enable superior light diffusion capabilities combined with extremely low light absorption to enable highly efficient light control in a variety of LED applications. Our patented diffusion materials are easy to use, efficient, reliable, and are compatible with nearly every Fusion Optix product.

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Fusion Optix PC (polycarbonate) diffusion sheet offers excellent transmission rates combined with high LED hiding power make them the perfect solution for indoor downlighting. Our components set new benchmarks for performance in key metrics such as transmission efficiency for a given level of diffusion or hiding power, beating holographic, surface relief and bulk diffuser techniques.

Order CodeSheetMaterial CodeGaugeDiffusionT%H%C%
FOC01-1101-000048" x 96"PC8080-2000A-90082.0 mm80 x 80701002.1
FOC01-1102-000048" x 48"PC8080-2000A-90082.0 mm80 x 80701002.1
FOC01-1103-000024" x 96"PC8080-2000A-90082.0 mm80 x 80701002.1
FOC01-1104-000024" x 48"PC8080-2000A-90082.0 mm80 x 80701002.1
FOC01-1105-000024" x 24"PC8080-2000A-90082.0 mm80 x 80701002.1
FOC01-1106-000012" x 48"PC8080-2000A-90082.0 mm80 x 80721002.3
FOC01-1107-000012" x 24"PC8080-2000A-90082.0 mm80 x 80721002.3
FOC01-1108-000012" x 12"PC8080-2000A-90082.0 mm80 x 80721002.3
Operating Temperatures = -30C to 100C | ROHS Compliant