Linear Convex Lens

The Fusion Optix On-Board Collimator Optics range is designed to produce narrow focused beams of light with either symmetric or asymmetric beam distributions. Products are available with beam widths smaller than 10 degree (FWHM).

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  1. Material: UV resistant acrylic and polycarbonate material.
  2. LED Package: typical mid power including 2828, 3030, 5630
  3. Designed for RGB, color mixing and white light LED sources.
  4. Standard beam angles: 10 degree, 15 degree, 20 degree, 30 degree, 45 degree
  5. Asymmetric performance with optional modification or additional films.
  6. Finishing: smooth finishing and frosted finishing or embossed.
  7. Color: transparent, semiclear, opal.
  8. Far field: uniform diffuse light distribution.
  9. Custom-made size, shape and length (1ft, 2ft, 4ft, 8ft and 12ft as standard)
  10. Very cost effective compared to individual secondary optics