FLATLens® Discs for Downlights

Fusion Optix FlatLENS™ product family of beam shaping profiles and materials is based upon a unique and patented platform of planar micro-optic technologies. FlatLENS™ technology enables the encoding of a range of typical refractive, diffractive and scattering functions into optics that are both thin and flat. This innovative approach provides OEMs developing LED fixtures a wide range of light management properties with easy to implement snap-in or slide-in features.

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FlatLENS™ innovations enable high-performance energy-efficient controlled light in LED downlighting applications. Particularly well suited to high performance applications that value “quality of light”.


  • Easy to integrate and design in
  • Full range of beam distributions
  • High efficacy
  • No color dispersion
  • Choice of materials including PMMA, PC, Glass and Silicone
  • IES files and photometric data available
  • Engineering support
Fusion Optix LED Lighting Beam Control

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