Fusion Optix Inside®

The Fusion Optix Inside® program is designed to provide lighting OEMs and product designers with a fast, low cost route to bringing new LED lighting products to market. The program has been designed from the ground up to help OEMs and lighting designers adopt the very latest Fusion Optix innovations without the need for high overhead in-house engineering or convoluted NPD processes. All our designs are backed up with full engineering support to aid customization and IES files and other photometric data. Fusion Optix also offers an UL/ETL listing service and pilot assembly. The program offers OEMs the opportunity to either license our designs or create a solution of their own based off our existing concepts, or even to purchase the designs as is.

The Fusion Optix Inside® program includes a range of typical LED fixture reference designs included surface, suspended and recessed mounting options. The program showcases the latest practical applications, and state-of-the-art designs made possible by our optics and LED component platforms. Our solutions also illustrate real-world examples of how our components can combine and complement one another to create beautiful, efficient, and effective fixtures.