Versions & Pricing

A key feature of the app is the ability to share images directly from your smartphone to help collaboration on lighting installations or new lighting product development. Images can also be posted directly to social media. The app also includes the ability to save images for inclusion in reports. For fun, the app can be used to produced luminance photographic maps of your favorite places or people, and even fun selfies!

Enthusiasts/Basic Version (FREE)

  • Surface and point measurement of luminance
  • Live false color display of luminance variations
  • Luminance point measurement
  • Luminance selfie mode
  • Choice of Cd/m2, cd/ft2 and fl scales
  • Auto and manual exposure
  • Calibration options
  • Share of false color and normal images
  • Save of false color and normal images
Fusion Optix BrightMinds® Luminance Camera App

Pro/Expert Version (Single User License $9.99)

The Pro Version offers the same functionality as Basic version plus a range of useful new features:

  • Video & sound recording – enables full motion video recording with audio background real-time capture of scenes rendered by the luminance camera. Video files can be stored and shared.
  • Portrait mode – renders the luminance images and information in both portrait and landscape modes. The image is automatically realigned depending upon the orientation of the smart phone.
  • Multiple luminance test point (LTP) measurements – once a luminance camera image has been captured it is possible to select up to 3 discrete points and display luminance values as a direct overlay on that image.
  • Angle-in-picture (ANG) feature – angles can be measured directly within a saved image. This is particularly useful for beam distribution calculations (e.g. what angle is my batwing distribution?).
  • Enhanced settings – allows the user more flexibility on setting luminance ranges and scales.
  • Enhanced sharing – simplified features for sharing and additional ability to share directly to social media or via email.