OEM Services

Helping OEMs and their customers achieve their unique lighting goals

We understand that every lighting solution isn’t right for every space. We help customers and OEM’s fulfill their lighting needs by providing a wide array of integrated LED and optical components to bring their vision to reality. All products, standard and customized, can be ordered at our headquarters in Woburn MA, just a short drive outside of Boston. It is also possible to buy our products from a range of international distributors.

We believe that an educated customer is a happy customer. Our educational resources help OEMs better understand how our products work and what new possibilities are available through our unique technology platforms.

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We provide the following services to support OEMs and customers with their lighting projects:

Engineering (NRE)

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LED Product Testing

Fusion Optix LED Fixture Testing

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Toll Manufacturing

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IP Licensing

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Need Support?

The Fusion Optix Solutions Team is dedicated to providing highly personalized service and support for all your lighting projects.


Our Solutions Group is comprised of the best and brightest engineering, lighting, manufacturing and product market professionals. Our team of innovative lighting experts are committed to providing full-spectrum applications engineering and product development support throughout the complete lifecycle of your project.

We offer great tools, excellent services, and valuable resources to support your vision and your business goals. Our knowledge, experience and in-house manufacturing capabilities will help you design the best light for your space.


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