Linear TIR Optics

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Linear TIR On-Board Optics

LEDMate™ range of linear TIR on-board optics are designed to be used in close proximity to LED boards and provide high levels of beam control with high efficiency and good color mixing. They modify and focus light outputs in continuous run linear applications based upon mid-power LED packages. Standard beam options are available down to a 10degree (FWHM)  beam. Low-profile, small size design supports a variety of aluminium extrusion profile designs.


  • Linear optics that work with any distance between the mid-power LEDs
  • Additional built-in diffusion can assist with color over angle uniformity
  • Flat top or convex lens top design with tabs make it easy to slide into extrusions
  • Continuous extruded process means lenses can be supplied in any length
  • Integration design support available
  • Application: retail display, wall washing, cove lighting, accent lighting etc


  1. Material: UV resistant acrylic and polycarbonate material.
  2. LED Package: typical mid power including 2828, 3030, 5630
  3. Designed for RGB, color mixing and white light LED sources.
  4. Standard beam angles: 30 degree, 20 degree, 15 degree, 10 degree
  5. Asymmetric performance with optional modification or additional films.
  6. Finishing: smooth finishing and frosted finishing or embossed.
  7. Color: transparent, semiclear, opal.
  8. Far field: uniform diffuse light distribution.
  9. Custom-made size, shape and length (1ft, 2ft, 4ft, 8ft and 12ft as standard)
  10. Very cost effective compared to individual secondary optics

*Designed to work with SpekLED™ linear LED boards and tape