Background Information

Fusion Optix SpekLED Brochure

Linear LED Boards

SpekLED™ family of linear LED boards are available in either constant voltage or constant current modes and provide a low-cost and high-performance solution a wide range of LED lighting products, including recessed/slot linear, troffer, pendant, and suspended LED luminaires

Standard or custom lengths and multiple color temperature options (2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, RGB, RGB+W and Tunable White) allow SpekLED™ LED engines to be applicable to nearly every project. CRI values of 90+ are also available and all products have a 50,000 hour life expectancy and a 5-year warranty.

Features & Benefits

SpekLED™ Linear LED Boards

Up to 200lm/W efficacy and color performance in a range of lengths up to 4ft (1200mm) with choice of drive circuits and connectors.

OrderTypeLengthWidthLED (#)DriveVfI mALmWEfficacy
FOM01-00972FT597 mm9 mm1C/5630/8P10SCC305332,80016175 lm/W
FOM01-02232FT600 mm13 mm1C/3030/12P10SCC308004,20024175 lm/W
FOM01-01032FT582 mm13 mm1C/5630/8P10SCC305335,46016175 lm/W
FOM01-02622FT280 mm20 mm1C/5630/3P12SCC3616710806175 lm/W
FOM01-00682FT280 mm20 mm1C/5630/3P10SCC301679005175 lm/W
KEY: Type= Center, CC = constant current, CV = constant voltage, Vf = forward voltage, Max Lm = maximum lumens output
OrderTypeLengthWidthVfDriveLEDMax LmMax WEfficacy
FOM01-02274FT Edge1200 mm17mm30CC1E/5630/12P10S420024175 lm/W
FOM01-02384FT Edge1200 mm17 mm27CC5630175 lm/W
FOM01-00862FT Edge600 mm17 mm27CC5630546037.65145 lm/W
FOM01-01021FT Edge300mm17mm30CC1E/5630/6P10S210012175 lm/W
FOM01-0261Edge175 lm/W