LED Panels & Troffers

SpekLED™ line of LED engines utilizes SureBIN™ technology to ensure you get the best possible light and color management; board-to-board, fixture-to-fixture.

Fusion Optix LED panels for office lighting


The Fusion Optix EdgeTEK™ range of high performance light guides and light pipes is designed for use in high performance LED lighting applications. Controlled light output distributions deliver light perfect for suspended linear luminaries, continuous indirect cove, wall washing and other general illumination requirements whilst enabling new form factors and levels of integration into the lighting environment.

Spek LEd Optics


SmartBoard™ technology adds AC power, intelligence and processing power to our SpekLED™ LED boards. SmartBoard™ integrates LED layouts with microchip processors and AC:DC conversion and daylight, occupancy and vibration sensing. Integration offers potential for cost and energy savings as well as smaller form factors and higher levels of integration.