The Fusion Optix LEDMate™ profiles range is designed to focus, spread, reflect or otherwise modify light outputs from LED boards. On-Board Optics are typically used in LED lighting applications where space is a constraint or where tight control of the LED output is required. LEDMate™ works with high-power and mid-power LED packages. Various beam focusing options are possible are possible using simple inter-changeable optics that sit on top of a line of LEDs. All products are designed for low-profile and small cross-sectional size and support a variety of aluminium extrusion profile designs.

Product Families

Cosine™ – Batwing Optic

Finally a solution for high quality indirect illumination that actually works! Designed to match the theoretically ideal cosine curve over a wide angular range. Provides uniform and consistent wide angle light without problematic and unwanted striations or color over angle artifacts.

MicroTEK™ technology and precision extrusion processes combine to provide high efficiency, uniform wide angle light distributions. Designed to be placed directly onto Fusion Optix range of SpekLED™ LED boards to provide high efficiency light in a range of choices including 2700K to 4000K CCT, 80, 90 and >90 CRI and Circadian.

Linear Convex Lens

The Fusion Optix On-Board Collimator Optics range is designed to produce narrow focused beams of light with either symmetric or asymmetric beam distributions. Products are available with beam widths smaller than 10 degree (FWHM).