FlatLENS™ innovations enable high-performance energy-efficient diffuse light in linear LED lighting applications. Particularly well suited to continuous run applications which demand no seams of several tens of metres. The Fusion Optix FlatLENS™ family of beam shaping profiles is based upon a unique and patented platform of planar micro-optic technologies. FlatLENS™ technology enables the encoding of a range of typical refractive, diffractive and scattering functions into optics that are both thin and flat. This innovative approach provides OEMs developing LED fixtures a wide range of light management properties with easy to implement snap-in or slide-in features.

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FlatLens™ UGR

FlatLens™ UGR reduced and low glare profiles are designed to reduce glare in LED lighting applications and help lighting products achieve low UGR (unified glare rating) performance. High efficiency, smooth optical planes are produced that exhibit low levels of glare with a pleasing opal or patterned appearance. Anti-glare structures produced using proprietary embossing techniques and are optimized through design experiments in a number of LED lighting product architectures.

UGR ratings below 20 are typically achieved when using low glare profiles correctly and optimizing placement of luminaires/fixtures. Low glare profiles also exhibit good wide angle cut-off performance particularly between 70 to 90 degrees from normal. A positive by product of this form of glare reduction is that more light is directed into the area beneath the fixture thereby increasing the “useful lumens” that fall within the given work area.