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What is a ReflecTEK™ optic?

Fusion Optix ReflecTEK™ Optics products offer total reflection efficiency of over 97% with controlled diffuse and specular components. The product range is available in polycarbonate and a thermoformable PMMA, as well as a range substrates and metals. It also includes transflective materials that are capable of simultaneously transmitting and reflecting light. The ReflecTEK™ Optics range also includes thermoformed and extruded reflective components and profiles. These provide an easy to mount, snap-in or slide-in solutions.

How efficient are ReflecTEK™ optics?

ReflecTEK™ Optics products are designed to offer the maximum possible efficiencies when used with typical white and RGB LED packages. Our diffuse and specular products offer total reflection efficiency of over 97% in the visible range. In addition we have products that are optimized for UV (UVA, UVB and UVC) and IR wavelengths.

Standard Products

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