MicroTEK® Film & Sheet

What is a MicroTEK® optic?

MicroTEK® optics are a unique range of optical components, typically used in linear LED lighting applications. They are based on a patented suite of microstructural and polymeric technologies that work together to shape and manipulate light. MicroTEK® is a highly configurable technology and it is possible to achieve the complete range lighting distributions tyically required for indoor and outdoor illumination. MicroTEK® optics work with most high-power and mid-power LED packages and are designed to work in an optimized manner on Fusion Optix SpekLED® modules.

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What can a MicroTEK® optic do?

The Fusion Optix MicroTEK® Optics range is designed to control and spread light outputs from SpekLED® LED boards into the precise distribution required to result in a uniform luminance on the surface on which the light is being projected.

Download MicroTEK® Brochure

Optimized distributions for LED lighting

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