The Fusion Optix EdgeTEK™ range of high performance light guides and light pipes is designed for use in high performance LED lighting applications. Controlled light output distributions deliver light perfect for suspended linear luminaries, continuous indirect cove, wall washing and other general illumination requirements whilst enabling new form factors and levels of integration into the lighting environment.

Product Families

Light Guide Sheet

Light guide sheet designed to be easily used in large area edge lit signage and LED lighting fixtures. Fusion Optix light guide sheet contains many tiny light re-directing optical features that continually change the light propagation.It turns light into a unique experience.

Soft, pleasant lighting devoid of harsh shadows makes for agreeable surroundings. Typically our light guide sheet is made of PMMA (acrylic) although other materials such as PC and glass are available.

Light Guides for LCD Backlighting

Fusion Optix PMMA light guides make LED edge-lighting a reality for a variety of LCD panel sizes and applications. Unique light extraction technology provides an efficient mechanism for extracting and smoothing out light, solving “hot-spotting” issues.

Fusion Optix light guides make it possible to reduce overall thickness and LED count, resulting in slimmer, more cost effective LED-based display systems.


Handhelds and mobile phones
Laptops and tablets
Digital signage
Point of purchase displays