FLATLens™ Product Overview

FlatLens® Optics & Lenses for LED Light Management

FlatLens® range of remote optics give OEMs a wide range of beam shaping and light management properties in a range of form factors. FlatLens® products are typically 0.5mm to 3mm thick and are available in a range of materials, including PMMA (acrylic) and PC (polycarbonate). FlatLens® products are available as machined parts, control rolls or profiles with easy to implement snap-in or slide-in features. Enhanced color reliability via ColorSure™ technology. ReflecTEK™ “booster” films increase efficiency by 5-10%. Control rolls are available in lengths up to 250ft. Significant high-volume price breaks. Manufacturing based 100% in USA.

FlatLens™ Product Overview

What is a FLATLens® optic?

Fusion Optix FLATLens® Optic

Fusion Optix FLATLens® Optic

FLATLens® Remote Optics are typically used in LED lighting applications where space is a constraint or where tight control of the LED output is required. FLATLens® remote optics work with most high-power and mid-power LED packages and are designed to work in an optimized manner on Fusion Optix SpekLED® modules.

What can a FLATLens® optic do?

The Fusion Optix FLATLens® Remote Optics range is designed to focus, spread, redirect or otherwise modify light outputs from LED boards. The range includes a number of form factors and mounting options.

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