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What is a DiffusTEK™ optic?

Fusion OptIx has developed the broadest and most comprehensive range of diffusion films. The widest range of diffusion properties, thicknesses and material properties. Everything can be tailored and customized to fit your needs. Fusion Optix diffusion films provide the highest levels of efficiency with the greatest range of options in beam angles, haze, clarity and color performance. DiffusTEK™ technology enables our diffusers to provide superior light diffusion capabilities combined with extremely low light absorption to enable highly efficient light control in a variety of LED applications. Our patented diffusion materials are easy to use, efficient, reliable, and are compatible with

Why are DiffusTEK™ optics different?

97% Efficiency in Visible

DiffusTEK™ Optics are engineered for visible spectrum lighting offer total optical efficiency of over 97% across the entire visible spectrum with controlled diffuse and specular components.

Precise control of key diffusion properties is vital in order to achieve optimized LED lighting systems. DiffusTEK™ Optics are unique in that they offer independent control of key diffusion metrics such as haze, clarity and color spectrum in a wide range of materials.

In addition to the visible spectrum DiffusTEK™ Optics are available for UV and IR wavelengths and materials.

Choice of Diffusion Angles

DiffusTEK™ technology enables customization of the diffusion properties during roll and profile extrusion in both transverse direction (TD) and machine direction (MD). It is very important to specify the orientation of the elliptical diffusion for any given application. Elliptical (or asymmetric) diffusion is typically used to smooth out the “headlamp” pattern from a line of LEDs, or to spread a beam wider in one axis compared to the other.

Standard Products

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