What is a MicroTEK® optic?

MicroTEK® optics are a unique range of optical components, typically used in linear LED lighting applications. They are based on a patented suite of microstructural and polymeric technologies that work together to shape and manipulate light. MicroTEK® is a highly configurable technology and it is possible to achieve the complete range lighting distributions tyically required for indoor and outdoor illumination. MicroTEK® optics work with most high-power and mid-power LED packages and are designed to work in an optimized manner on Fusion Optix SpekLED® modules.

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What can a MicroTEK® optic do?

The Fusion Optix MicroTEK® Optics range is designed to control and spread light outputs from SpekLED® LED boards into the precise distribution required to result in a uniform luminance on the surface on which the light is being projected.

Download MicroTEK® Brochure

Optimized distributions for LED lighting

Standard Products

MicroTEK™ Reflectors

MicroTEK™ linear profile reflectors  lead the industry in terms of light management properties and material choices. Specifically designed for LED lighting applications these reflectors can be designed to easily slide into existing aluminum extrusions. MicroTEK™ linear profile reflectors increase brightness, uniformity, and overall LED lighting system efficiency by recycling rejected light in the system, giving it a second chance to exit at a useful angle.

Additional support available to help OEMs optimize LED product design. Our industry leading performance is derived from our innovations in molecular and micron-scale volumetric and surface optics combined with high volume manufacturing capabilities.