MicroTEK® Flat Linear

  • Proven performance
  • Covers all major lighting design distributions
  • >90% optical efficiency
  • No color dispersion, striations or unwanted beam artefacts
  • New designs and upgrades regularly added FOC
  • Available in range of materials (PMMA, PC, PETG etc)
  • Zero up-front tooling costs
  • 10 Day leadtime
  • Backed with engineering design support services
  • Designed to complement SpekLED® modules and other SmartOptics®
  • Additional product customization options available on request

Standard Products

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MicroTEK® 3″ Snap-in

FlatLens™ optical profiles are designed to provide a controlled beam of light tilted from the vertical or horizontal plane. Asymmetric light distributions are typically used in perimeter lighting systems but can also be applied to task lighting.